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Just like everyone's financial journey looks different, so does the service experience that financial advisors provide. It's important to know what kind of experience you'll get from an advisor team so that you can choose the one that's right for you.

Integration & Involvement

As your family's CFO, we fit all the pieces of your financial puzzle together. We will talk with other professionals that you work with to ensure that all aspects are aligned. We will join in your meetings to deliver accurate information directly. We consider the full outlook of your finances and consistently look for your best options and areas for improvement.


Does your advisor simply charge you a fee to oversee mutual funds?...

Does your advisor..

✲ talk to your CPA for you?

✲ meet with your lawyer?

✲ stay engaged in the process after your investments are made?

✲ look for and spot areas for improvement to continually provide you with the best options?

Personal Specialization

At Cabot Family Office, we recognize that every client's situation is unique. Our team is focused on learning your specific needs and goals. Our mission is to put a specialized plan behind your vision to bring it to reality.

When was the last time your advisor solved a real problem for you?...

Does your advisor..

✲ have a service model so you know what to expect and nothing falls through the cracks?

✲ give actionable advice?

✲ solve complicated financial problems that you have in your life?

✲ deliver real world advice?

Relationship & Support

As our client, you have our attention. We stay in touch to keep you informed and feeling on track at all times throughout your financial journey. Not only that, but we are happy to communicate with the rest of your professional team, and with your friends and family who may have questions or concerns of their own. We won't leave you feeling overlooked or uncertain about your situation. Also, you can feel free to contact us and our team will be happy to talk with you.

When does your advisor contact you?...

Does your advisor..

✲ make you feel like you are important to them?

✲ call you when the market is volatile or is his office quiet?

✲ contact you on a regular basis?

✲ make you feel on track?

If you are looking for an advisor who can do more for you, call us today!

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