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For many of our clients, we were not the first advisors they worked with. They made a decision to join us because of the advantages we provide that they do not get from advisors. We work hard to provide an exceptional, preferential service to our clients.

Here are three of the hallmarks of our company and reasons why people make the switch to Cabot Family Office...

1. Personal relationship

At Cabot Family Office, we go beyond just keeping in touch. We build true relationships with our clients that they can count on. It’s not just that we are available when you need us; we stay in contact with you so that you can be confident in your financial situation at all times. We reach out to you in times of stability and in times of uncertainty. No matter what is going on, we communicate with you to keep you informed and assured that you are on track and your goals will be met. If you want to know that your advisor values you, keeps you top-of-mind, and won’t leave you questioning, make the switch to Cabot Family Office.

2. Team support

Every client with Cabot Family Office is backed by our full team. At other firms, you may only have one person working with you to rely on. With us, you have the security of knowing that the entire team is working together to meet your needs and help you best achieve your goals.

3. Intentional, purpose-driven plan for your life

While other advisors may have to focus on sales quotas or company objectives, Cabot Family Office is focused only on what is best for YOU.  Our strategies are personalized. Our only goal is to know what you want to achieve in life and implement a specific plan to help you get there. You don’t have to worry about being pressured into anything that does not serve your purpose. Your vision for the future is about more than simply having a retirement plan and everything we do is intentional with those aspirations in mind.

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