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Service Model

We believe there should always be predictability in everything that we do, including the way that we serve the families that put their faith and trust in our firm. Our established process provides our clients that advantage as we work with them to navigate their financial challenges.


Family Discovery Meeting

  • Get to know what is truly important to you

  • Identify the unique challenges and circumstances that you face

  • Introduce our philosophy, plan, and process

Investment Discovery Process

  • Determine risk/loss tolerance

  • Gather data, statements, and trust documents for analysis

  • Analyze current investments

  • Discover where and how we can add value to your family


Onboarding Meeting

  • Welcome kit

  • Thorough presentation of wealth management process

  • Discuss current and future investment approach

  • Disclosure of fees, structure of accounts, and access

  • Signatures and sign-ons

Deployment of Solutions

  • Transfer of assets

  • Alignment of investments

  • Schedule level of service and frequency of meetings/communication

  • Responsibilities assigned


Orientation Meeting

  • Online account tutorial

  • Overview of first statement

  • Review of communication and meeting schedule

Wealth Team Integration

  • Coordinate with your CPA, attorney, and estate planner

  • Retirement projection and probabilities

  • Business and family succession planning

  • Charitable giving mission and estate planning considerations and dynamics

On-going Tactical Meetings

  • Monitoring of progress toward goal

  • Discussion of future transitions

  • Updates to financial strategy as life unfolds

  • All contact notes updated in software

  • Our availability to family and friends to act as a sounding board for their concerns

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